7 Myths about Parenting that Can Make You Miserable

7 Ways to Stop Time

If anyone tells you their parents were perfect in every way, they are either terribly mistaken, lying, or their parents were angels in disguise. No parent is perfect. I’m not. You are not. The parents of our various cultural heroes weren’t either. Sometimes even the experts on parenting make a mess of things with their own kids. Being imperfect comes ...

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Psychology Around the Net: April 14, 2018

upgrading your mind

Happy Saturday, sweet readers! Did everyone survive yesterday? Or did you even realize it was Friday 13th? Honestly, I didn’t remember until around noon yesterday. To quote the great Michael Scott, “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” In other words, I didn’t wake up and begin anxiously awaiting doom around every corner, but, once I did remember ...

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