Yoga strength workout (bodyweight only)

Yoga strength workout

A yoga strength workout you can do at home, or anywhere, using your own bodyweight. All you need is a mat to get in an awesome burn! Hi friends! How’s the week going? It’s been a CRUSHER over here. The Pilot has been working at 5am this week (yay), so that means the girls snap out of bed and come ...

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Spring 2018 Cardio Workout + Playlist

Spring 2018 workout playlist

Hey hey! How are you? How’s the week been so far? We’ve been getting back in the swing of life after our Disney trip. It’s back to the usual routine, and Livi gets her costumes for her upcoming dance recital this week. This morning, I’m looking forward to a Lean Machine workout + getting things ready for a little early ...

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HIIT the trail workout

The North Face workout clothes from Zappos review

This post is sponsored by Zappos. Hi friends! Hope you’re having a lovely morning. Now that spring is officially here, we’ve been spending even more time outside. The girls play in the backyard for hours every day, we’re finally walking the dogs on a regular basis again, and the fresh air has been amazing. With the warmer weather, I’ve been ...

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